The LOHMANN Breed of Chicken, is a hybrid breed and known to be one of the best commercial breeds, when it comes to laying of eggs. The hens are every only sold to eggs laying farms, the rooster are usually culled at the hatcheries and not sold. The chicks are easy to sexed at our hatchery, the rooster are mostly yellow and the hens have a combination of copper color with tones of reddish browns with hints or white. 

hens lay medium, large and extra large brown eggs, laying up to 300 eggs per year for production. The hens seem to lay better in factory farming environments / cages, than those of the heritage breeds that free-range, however t5hey can be free-ranged, should your opt to free-range with them.

Factory farming with LOHMANN hens will require double investment into a poultry house and poultry equipment such as complett laying cages. 

For a LOHMANN hen or in fact, any other hen, laying table eating eggs, you do not need to have any rooster/s for a hen to lay an egg. The hens will lay you good amount of eggs, the success of them laying eggs is supplying they with top laying good quality laying feed and plenty of water.

Making a success farming with LOHMANN hens starts with the breeder, hatchery and growing farm. When buying your chicks or point of lay hens, make sure that the chicks are A-GRADE and when it comes to buying point of lay, make sure that hens have undergone the full vaccination program, the full vaccination should take between 18 to 20 weeks, make sure the grower provides you with a copy his or her vaccination program. It is also very important to feed the chicks from day one with a good quality feed from pullet stater, pullet grower and layer mash, this will ensure that the hens reproductive system develops well for the hen to perform well as a laying hen. Always ensure that your continue with a vaccination program and at the sametime keep to a high standard of biosecurity.