ICBH Super Hatchery Incubator & Egg Candling Machine

ICBH manufactures hatchery equipment under the brand name SUPER HATCHERY, ranging from our ALL-IN-ONE 5280 ONE TOUCH CHICKEN EGG SETTER  & HATCHER to our 88 Egg Candling Unit. ICBH designs, builds and equips hatcheries and brooder rooms.  

The ICBH SH5280  machine works  on a trolley system for easy setting eggs into setting trays and wheeling the trolley in & out of the incubator, then off-loading the eggs into hatching baskets and then wheeling the trolley back into the machine using that hatching trolley. Our SH5280 machine was  designed for the small  / medium and lager hatcheries, looking to produce day-old chicks as a business.

The SH520 allows you to fully load for setting and hatching, meaning you no longer need to load eggs on weekly cycle like most other local and imported versions. The SH5280 is fully automated, hosting its own humidity ball valve operated water tank connected directly to a main water supply,  controlled by the intelligent controller unit. ICBH designed the SH5280 to maintain a  temperature of up to 24 hour during power outages.

The SH5280 is a long lasting and durable machine made for Africa, when building the machines, we include additional features for each order, custom-made and completed based on the country the machine will be operating in.

We carry all the spares parts including replacement accessories in South Africa - deliveries within  24 - 48 hours to any major city in Africa. 

Transport / Shipping and installation can be done in all South African provinces as well into Africa.

Optional Custom Features 

  • Solar Panel System
  • Refrigerated Cooling
  • Ultra Violet lights
  • GSM Controller
  • Dehumidifier