The Boschvelder breed is a very popular choice when it come to as a free-range chicken.

Boschvelders are hardy chickens that survive the harsh climate conditions in Africa and at the same time can pasture and live off what nature has to offer in nice large camped off areas. 

By supplementing some of their feed in order to add some nutrients, which they might be missing to enhance growth and boost their egg production, will produce better results in terms of their growing abilities as free-range chickens, the Boschvelder hardiness and inbreeding, has led to withstand a variety of poultry illnesses; but even so, it is important to maintain the inoculation program.

Boschvelder roosters are known to be almost nobles as well as been very strong and aggressive. The roosters are very colorful with some white in the display of feathers. The hens are equally as strong and fertile, producing healthy offspring, wonderful chickens to rear. The hens display of feathers has white speckles.

The Boschvelder through interbreeding of various indigenous breeds produce as many as 240 eggs per year with a fraction of the cost to feed compared to other breeds.

The current statistics for breeding flock is 50 eggs per 100 hens per day and a hatchability of 70-80% with the breeding reassure of 10 hens to 1 rooster.

Generally the Boschvelder chickens are great to have as a back yard pets, they enjoy human company and the hens are really great with children, when it comes to commercial farming they are a wonderful and productive breed for laying great color full eggs and just as good for meat rearing as the roosters grow exceptionally big.

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